Off the Grid

Thanks for sticking with me over the past two years. 104 (and a few bonus) puzzles later, it’s time for me to bring this site to a close. I’m primarily leaving to spend more time focusing on my studies.

I will continue to write puzzles, just not as regularly. I’m hoping that will help me improve the quality of my crosswords. You’ll start seeing some new puzzles (of many shapes and sizes) from me in the next issue of WordPlay, which should be out later this month. I may post the occasional puzzle here in the future for special events; you can follow me on the Facebook if you want to be alerted about such things.

I appreciate the support I’ve gotten from so many puzzlers over the years, and I’d like to pay it forward. Please visit the folks you see listed on the right if you’re looking to get your puzzle fix. A special nod goes to newcomer Chris King, who only just launched his site. It’s a lot of hard work putting out a new, well-written, interesting puzzle on a regular basis. If you enjoy solving these crosswords, do let the constructors know. It means a lot to them, just like your support has meant a lot to me. Thank you!

Peace, love & crosswords,

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23 Responses to Off the Grid

  1. Aw :( Well glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight. Thanks for the puzzles and good luck!

    (NOW where am I gonna go for my “Pokémon in crosswords” fix?)

  2. Paul Henry says:

    Thanks for the past puzzles!

    Best wishes for your future!


    Be here now. Be someplace later. Is that so complicated?

    From: Neville Fogarty Reply-To: Neville Fogarty Date: Friday, October 3, 2014 at 8:11 PM To: Paul Henry Subject: [New post] Off the Grid Neville posted: “Thanks for sticking with me over the past two years. 104 (and a few bonus) puzzles later, it’s time for me to bring this site to a close. I’m primarily leaving to spend more time focusing on my studies. I will continue to write puzzles, just not as reg”

  3. On one hand: :(

    On the other: thank you for the puzzles, and best of luck with your continued studies.

  4. Michael Hawk says:

    Thank you for many hours of crossword enjoyment. Wishing you well in all your future endeavors.

  5. Matt Gaffney says:

    Godspeed, sir!

  6. Aw man. Sorry to no longer see you in my Inbox every Friday. But also all best wishes, and here’s to continued puzzling and community-making in new forms.

  7. Jim Q says:

    Seriously bummed… Always looked forward to your posts. But good luck to you!

  8. jane lewis says:

    i’ll miss you. good luck and I’m hoping you will do more puzzles in the future.

  9. e.a. says:

    it was the best of times; it is the worst that it is no longer those times. but if, as i suspect, you’re as good a scholar as you are a constructor, then you’re a @#$%ing good scholar, and scholarworld is lucky to have you full-time. thanks for everything.

  10. Norm says:

    All the best. Thanks for expanding this geezer’s frame[s] of reference.

  11. Hollis Horton says:

    As a cousin you don’t know, I would like to know your study field

  12. Kim Saunders says:

    Thank you for all the puzzles. Study hard!

  13. Diane Dym says:

    Will miss you soooo muchhhh! Thanks for all the fun and let us know if you come back!!!




  14. Emily says:

    Thanks for the puzzles and good luck with your studies! Emily

  15. Pete Rimkus says:

    Thanks for the puzzles and come back to our collective Inboxes soon.

  16. Lawrence says:

    Hi Neville, I’ve only discovered your site within the last 6 months, but I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from your puzzles. Thank you so much for all your generous work! You are among a great group of constructors that has inspired me to start making puzzles myself. I’m still in the early phases, so I don’t have a website going yet, but I’ll do my best to live up to your standards!
    Thank you again, and best wishes.

  17. Doug P says:

    I’ll miss my weekly Neville fix. It was a great run!

  18. I always appreciated the puzzles and getting the fill that would be too obscure or fresh for a traditional puzzle. There would quite often be that one cross that I couldn’t get but that was what made it a learning moment.

  19. Andy says:

    so long and thanks for all the puzzles

  20. Jeff G. says:

    My Friday morning 6:00am wake up call won’t be the same without you. Thanks for all the fun and entertainment! Best of luck.

  21. Mary Maynard says:

    Thank you for the puzzles. You are missed! I follow Quigley and many others. Y’all’s puzzles always make my day. Thanks again, I can imagine it is not a very profitable venture, your crosswords were appreciated…just wanted you to know that.

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