Who are you?

I’m Neville Fogarty, your humble constructor. I’ve written puzzles for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chronicle of Higher Education. Along with some other swell fellows, I co-founded the Indie 500 crossword puzzle tournament. If the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is to believed, I’m the 69th greatest crossword solver in the country. (Or maybe even the universe?)

These days, this site is on hiatus so that I can focus on getting my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky. Click that link to learn all about my academic interests!

What is this site?

It’s a collection of crossword puzzles for you to solve. For free. Yeah, you heard me. Free.

Wait. Why would you give away puzzles for free?

Well, there are a few reasons. First, I want to get better at writing puzzles. How do you get better? Practice. So writing puzzles and posting them here gives me a reason to write a puzzle each week and gives me a chance to get feedback from you, the seasoned solver, as quickly as you can solve it and type in some comments.

Also, some of the puzzles I want to run on this site just aren’t right for many of the outlets that I can submit to. Some of them have words or themes that I think an editor would find too esoteric. Maybe I submitted a puzzle but it just didn’t excite any editor enough. If I think it’s still fun, I’m posting it here. The key here is that puzzles are fun.

When you publish a puzzle online, you have control over exactly when it comes out, too. This is great for getting out a timely puzzle when something happens in the news or to celebrate a particular milestone.

Finally, it’ll hopefully be good exposure. Maybe I’ll get a book deal out of this. Maybe not. Either way, share the puzzles with your friends!

If you’re looking to reprint these puzzles somewhere, like in a school newspaper or as a handout for a puzzle event, please get in touch with me first. Thanks!

What sort of puzzles will I find here?

I post mostly standard American crosswords, but I’ve explored both meta-puzzles and cryptic crosswords on occasion. As far as puzzle content, the content often skews toward my interests: mathematics, television, games, Shakespeare and mythology seem to come up disproportionately often in my puzzles. (Especially television.) As far as what topics are off limits for my puzzles, let’s just say that my mom solves my puzzles and I don’t want to give her a heart attack.

When do you post new puzzles?

At present: very infrequently and irregularly.

What program do I need to access these puzzles?

To solve on your computer, you’ll need a program that can open .puz files. You can use Across Lite (that’s the program I use) or Crossword Solver. Both are available for Windows and Mac, and both are free.

To print a puzzle, you can print from either of those programs or use Adobe Acrobat Reader to download a printable .pdf file. You probably already have this program; it’s available for both Windows and Mac and it’s free.

If you’re interested in solving on a mobile device, I’ve got you covered! My puzzles are directly integrated into Words With Crosses, which is available for free on Android devices. (I don’t always solve crosswords on my phone, but when I do, this is the program I use.) If you have an Apple device, try Across Lite Crosswords.

You made a mistake in a puzzle! I demand satisfaction!

Nearly every one of my puzzles is test-solved, but errors still get through. If you spot a mistake, feel free to point it out in the comments section, email me or otherwise get in touch. Thanks for understanding!

How can I get in touch with you?

You can e-mail me at neville.fogarty@gmail.com.