Who are you?

I’m Neville Fogarty, your humble constructor. I’ve written puzzles for the New York Times, Los Angeles TimesBuzzfeed, and Chronicle of Higher Education. Along with some other swell fellows, I co-founded the Indie 500 crossword puzzle tournament. If the Lollapuzzoola crossword tournament is to be believed, I’m half of the second-best crossword solving team in the universe.

What is this site?

It’s a collection of crossword puzzles for you to solve. For free!

When do you post new puzzles?

Very infrequently and irregularly. In addition to writing puzzles, I’m also a math professor at Christopher Newport University! Doing math is my full-time job, so please forgive me for only updating this site when the mood strikes.

What program do I need to access these puzzles?

To solve on your computer, you’ll need a program that can open .puz files. You can use Across Lite (that’s the program I use) or Crossword Solver. Both are available for Windows and Mac, and both are free.

To print a puzzle, you can print from either of those programs or use Adobe Acrobat Reader to download a printable .pdf file. You probably already have this program; it’s available for both Windows and Mac and it’s free. There are other .pdf viewers, too.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can e-mail me at neville.fogarty@gmail.com.