Lombard Street

The world continues to be a crazy place, so here is a collection of puzzles from my archives to help keep your spirits up. Stay safe, friends.

Lombard StreetSolutions

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Cross Ties

The world’s a crazy place right now, so I wrote a puzzle. Acknowledgements to Will Shortz, whose Cross Ties puzzle in The New York Times this weekend inspired me to make this puzzle for all you folks looking for a moment of recreation during this trying time. Please feel free to share this puzzle as broadly as you like.

Note: I’ve also made a lite version of this puzzle; check it out if you’re stuck or are looking for a lighter challenge. (There’s no shame in either of those things!)

Cross Ties | Lite Version | Solution

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Cryptic Triptych

Today is the 5th annual Indie 500 crossword puzzle tournament! In honor of the occasion, I’ve put together a collection of five travel-inspired cryptic crosswords. The puzzles will be freely available in person at the tournament, but if you aren’t attending (or want to get a head start), you can download the puzzles right here. (Also: the solutions are here!) Feel free to share these puzzles as widely as you like.

Cryptic Triptych | Solutions

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