Cryptic: Centerpiece

Inspired by all sorts of things (saying more might spoil the fun), I’ve put together a small barred cryptic crossword for your enjoyment. Because it’s barred, it is available in PDF only, but the grid is so tiny and simple that you should have no problem solving the puzzle on a piece of scrap paper.

Cryptic experts are invited to try using just the across clues … or just the down clues!

Centerpiece | Solution


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Another Quick Note


A new charity puzzle project, Grids for Good, launched tonight in support of COVID-19 relief and anti-hate groups. I encourage you to check out their site to learn more about how you can receive a set of 42 puzzles in exchange for a $10 donation to a worthy charity of your choice. Please strongly consider giving if you are able, and read the FAQ if you are not.

I’ve written a variety cryptic crossword exclusively for Grids for Good; if you enjoyed my Cryptic Triptych last year, then I think you’ll like this puzzle. I have not solved all of the other puzzles in the set yet, but based on those I have and the constructor names, this set is sure to delight for hours.


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Quick Notes

Hi folks,
Three quick puzzle notes for you:

  1. I wrote the crossword puzzle for The New York Times today. Check that out if you’re so inclined. (A subscription is required.)
  2. I also wrote a cryptic contest crossword for the podcast Fill Me In. You can download the puzzle, entitled “Sideshow,” here. The prompt is: The title of what 2019 movie is hinted at by this puzzle? If you want to enter the contest and actually win something, you’ll need to to email your answer to by Sunday, May 31, 2020 at noon and include the password, which you can obtain be listening to last week’s episode or this week’s episode. Please don’t post the contest answer in the comments until after the deadline has passed. Good luck! PUZ | PDF
  3. Finally, if you find yourself wishing you could stage your own in-home crossword tournament, the folks at The Indie 500 have made the puzzles from their first five tournaments free. These include some puzzles by yours truly.


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