THROWBACK: Puzzle #73 – Just a Few More Things

You’ve got less than eleven hours to solve the latest contest puzzle from Andy Kravis. I have a clue what’s going on, but haven’t been able to piece it all together. Go be smart and figure it out.

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Puzzle #104 – Cat’s Cradle

Do you like solving my crosswords? Well, have I’ve got a treat for you! Be sure to check out Matt Gaffney’s weekly puzzle today. You won’t be disappointed. (And be sure to solve Gaffney’s puzzle every week!)

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THROWBACK: Puzzle #23 – It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Constructor’s Note: With school back in session, it’s becoming harder for me to keep up with one quality puzzle a week. For the sake of quality and my sanity, I think I may be going one puzzle every two weeks for a little while, with throwbacks on the off-weeks. Thanks for understanding!


In last week’s contest, I asked you to give me a famous name. Fifty of you managed to send in the right answer. Here’s what happened: the cleverest of solvers noticed that certain puzzle entries had a few letters in common, namely C, A and R. Let’s take a closer look:


Indeed, one letter has hitched a ride in each CAR. Taking them in order, we see that TOM THUMB had his thumb up to hitch a ride.

The most common note I got (by a longshot) was about overlooking CAMRYN and CUARTO. If I’d had other choices for the U, I would’ve made both entries longer. Sorry for the confusion!

Our lucky winner is Paolo Pasco of San Diego, CA. Your prize? A copy of my puzzlefest and all of the bragging rights. Congratulations, Paolo!

One last thing: Matt Gaffney is running a guest constructor month right now; you should totally go check it out. Make it a priority.

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