Puzzle #75 – 100 Years of Solvitude

Happy anniversary! (Okay, the official anniversary is tomorrow, but I’m sticking to the Friday schedule.

I’ve only been regularly solving crosswords since 2007; I sold my first one the next year. If you look back at the original crossword, you’ll see a few things that simply aren’t done these days (or at least aren’t commonplace). (Mild spoilers follow for the original puzzle, but not for today’s puzzle.) In no particular order:

  • The are four unchecked letters in the grid.
  • The grid isn’t square (or near-square).
  • There aren’t any black squares. (Though there is a hole in the grid.)
  • There’s a word already filled in!
  • All of the clues have periods.
  • Verbs are clued as infinitives, where today they wouldn’t be.
  • Numbers take up entire squares!
  • Clues are given by the first and last square numbers/letters.
  • A couple of the answers are… iffy. (Okay, this can still be a problem.)
  • There’s a repeated entry!
  • There’s little premium on less-commonly used letters.
  • All entries are one word long.
  • Most entries aren’t proper names.

Some of those are simply cosmetic changes, but others are quite significant. You can’t get away with an unchecked letter these days. And a repeated entry, barring an interesting theme, is a no-no, too.

I decided that a fun way to celebrate the 100th anniversary would be to split the difference. The grid is old school. In fact, it’s the same as the original. (The numbering scheme’s been update for your convenience, though.) However, I’ve tried to go modern on the fill.  We’ve got proper names and abbreviations, a multi-word phrase (there wasn’t much room to work with) and plenty of those rare letters that are placed at a premium by many constructors these days.

Hopefully you get a kick out of this one! (And in case you only check in on Fridays: you’ve missed four bonus puzzles since last week’s puzzle. Get solving!)

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3 Responses to Puzzle #75 – 100 Years of Solvitude

  1. e.a. says:

    so scrabbly! so clean!

  2. Andy says:

    Loved it! (My first sub-1-minute Neville puzzle!) Mine for tomorrow is sufficiently different, I think :)

  3. Jeff G. says:

    Lots of 2a. Excellent tribute to 100 years of crosswords!

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