Puzzle #102 – Themeless #22

BEQ’s got a pretty straightforward contest going right now. Give it a shot.

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4 Responses to Puzzle #102 – Themeless #22

  1. e.a. says:

    this is really cool you’re on a roll

  2. Doug P says:

    Nice one, Neville.

    And I must be the only one who doesn’t see BEQ’s meta. I’ll keep staring at it!

  3. mathgrant says:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0eesvrwhmfl2yhu/Screenshot%202014-08-23%2015.12.37.png This was as far as I could get without cheating. (Spoilers, obviously)

    77A has a typoed clue, I think?

    I loved the clue for 58D. Nintendo <3

    4D was a clever clue. I feel awful that I suck so much that I had to cheat and get crossings for it. :(

  4. Josephgeway says:

    delta airlines in flight wifi this site

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