Puzzle #97 – Cryptic #4

Hey! I’ve been doing this for two years now! That’s pretty cool!

Thanks for your feedback – both public and private – about variety puzzles last week. Got some strong opinions all around. I don’t think you’ve seen the last variety puzzle here. In fact, I’m mixing things up with a cryptic this week. Enjoy!

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24 Responses to Puzzle #97 – Cryptic #4

  1. e.a. says:

    couldn’t finish last week’s. this one fell in 13 minutes. stupid good.

  2. Anne E says:

    Somehow despite downloading last week’s puzzle, I missed both your asking for input and your link to Grant’s great blog – thanks! A little late for input I know, but I enjoy your variety puzzles a lot. Change it up however and whenever you like!

  3. Sherry Folsom says:

    Variety puzzles are not for me. Please remove me from the email notification. Thanks

  4. Patrick Jordan says:

    Happy anniversary, and thanks for all of the mental calisthenics! Variety puzzles are fine with me, and I did enjoy last week’s effort.

  5. Evan says:

    I’m not that great at cryptics, but I say do whatever your heart desires. I struggled and eventually took this one out (let’s just say in a far slower time than Erik solved it). Loved the clue for 20-Down. A question, though: shouldn’t the enumeration for the clue for 14-Across be (4,5)?

  6. Joel says:

    I especially likes the clues for 28A and 17D. And I reiterate that I love variety puzzles and immensely enjoyed last week’s.

  7. Norm says:

    I can’t parse 2D. It’s obvious [eventually] what it has to be [I think], but I don’t see the derivation.

  8. jefe says:

    Can’t download either puz or pdf. Help!

  9. paws4puzzles says:

    Reblogged this on Paws 4 Puzzles and commented:
    A Cryptic Crossword from Neville Fogarty.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I’m pretty sure this is the first cryptic I’ve ever completely solved without having to look at the solution for an answer or two…or five. It was a really enjoyable experience.

  11. bananarchy says:

    Happy belated b-day, nevillefogarty.wordpress.com!

  12. mathgrant says:

    devjoe and I didn’t get the wordplay for 13D (the Voldemort one). :(

    • Neville says:

      I was a mean compiler here, and used a word that should really be split in two for the wordplay, but isn’t:
      walk = TODDLE
      test = MRI

      So “walkabout test” = TO(M RI)DDLE

      • mathgrant says:

        Thank you. :)

        We had a lot of fun racing that puzzle. It’s actually the only time I’ve ever beaten devjoe in a crossword race, so I look forward to seeing more cryptics from you. For some reason, the kind of hard that cryptics are is a kind of hard I’m better at than the kind of hard normal crosswords are. :)

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