Puzzle #94 – Deutschland Über Alles

Last week we had a contest! Let’s recap: you were asked to figure out which number-one single was suggested by the crossword’s seven theme entries. The most popular answer was David Bowie’s “Changes,” which is an excellent song. Unfortunately, “Changes” never cracked the Top 40. Solvers were likely misled by the presence of the CH bigram in the puzzle’s four longest entries, which I deviously placed there on purpose. Instead, let’s look at all seven of the theme entries: the longest six across entries and the central across entry:

CESAR CHAVEZ – grape picker
CHESHIRE CAT – feline grinner
DON JUAN – legendary lover
FAUST – archetypal sinner
LOUIS C.K. – TV joker
GROUCHO MARX – cigar smoker
CHEECH MARIN – when he stays up late, a midnight toker

Identifying those traits, you’ll spot the chorus of Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker,” which was the correct answer.

Didn’t get it? Don’t feel bad; only one solver did! That clever fellow is Jeffrey Harris of Columbus, GA. (He’s very good.)

My intent wasn’t for this to be impossible; I’ll have another contest soon that’s hopefully a little easier. Until then, enjoy this week’s puzzle.

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One Response to Puzzle #94 – Deutschland Über Alles

  1. jefe says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only clueless one on last week’s!

    This week’s was great. Pretty smooth; I didn’t even pick up on the theme till I’d finished! 40A was all crossings though.

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