Puzzle #90 – Everything Worked Out

I want you back.

Thanks for sticking around. The hiatus is over. I’ve come out of it with an M.A. in mathematics and a few puzzles that’ll show up in WordPlay magazine in a few months.

If you were up early today, you might’ve seen a different puzzle; I’ve since taken it down because it had a serious flaw in it. (Big ups to solver Mark N. for pointing it out to me. Definitely the most qualified person to catch such an error.) Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it at some point, but not today.

Share the puzzle; let your friends know that I’m back. :)

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16 Responses to Puzzle #90 – Everything Worked Out

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  2. MichaelG says:

    Congratulations on the degree. Thanks for continuing the puzzles.

    Michael G.

  3. Jim Schooler says:

    Welcome back Neville! You were missed. And CONGRATS on the M.A.!

  4. kdefg says:

    As a math major myself (B.S. in Applied Math), I admire your achievement. Congrats and welcome back. Also, the icon link works again the way it originally did, going to a “save as” dialog instead of dumping text into the browser window. Thank you!

  5. jefe says:

    Congrats Neville! Welcome back! (Not sure how the title relates to the puzzle though.)

  6. Mary says:

    I tried to open this puzzle, but I couldn’t get it to open like it used to. I got to the page that said I had to agree to the dropbox terms, which means that you collect info and who knows what you use it for, so I said forget it.

    • Neville says:

      Mary, I didn’t make any changes to how I post the puzzle. I don’t know anything about any new Dropbox terms; all I can say is that I see absolutely no information abut the solvers who access the files. I collect no information; I wouldn’t even know how to do that! Sorry to see you go.

  7. [squees] Welcome back! And with two puzzles for those of up who were up early and can’t spell long spelling bee words, no less!

  8. Andy says:

    Welcome back! Nice puzzle to come back with — the epitome of what a Monday puzzle should be.

  9. Jeff G. says:

    Very glad to have you back! Congrats on the degree. What’s next? Jet Propulsion Laboratory? NASA?

  10. Congrats, and thanks for the bitchin’ puzzle (and for reminding me how much I miss the show whose picture is above – sigh).

  11. James Rhodes says:

    Congrats nice puzzle

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