Puzzle #80 – Medusa’s Lair

So the MIT Mystery Hunt was last weekend! I once again had the pleasure of solving remotely with Left as an Exercise for the Reader. And best of all, we didn’t win! (Seems like at the time the coin was found, we were in 15th, which I’m quite pleased with.) For those of you who were there, you may appreciate my proudest moment: backsolving “Best of Five” from the Tea Party meta… without having a clue what was going on in the Tea Party meta! (I had maybe 5 or 6 backsolves this hunt, which is up from a resounding 0.)

If you didn’t compete, but would like to try your hand at a few puzzles, here are five of my favorite puzzles to have worked on this hunt:

(You can get the solution to a puzzle by clicking on the “solution” link in the upper right.) If you played in the Mystery Hunt, what was your favorite puzzle?

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14 Responses to Puzzle #80 – Medusa’s Lair

  1. e.a. says:

    this puzzle has everything

  2. mollems says:

    That’s funny – I worked on “Best of Five” and we ended up backsolving it from the Tea Party meta too. (I had figured out how it worked, but it was going to be very tedious to finish, and the meta team already had the backsolve ball rolling. Although, the meta itself took many more hours to fall – I felt like it was the hardest meta by a wide margin.)

    This was my first Hunt (I was onsite with Setec Astronomy) and it was amazing. How long have you been participating?

  3. jpahk says:

    “sledgehammered” was a fun crossword-ish puzzle. “initial impressions” was a nice one to introduce to beginners. my favorite was the white queen meta structure, which was simply mind-blowing, but i didn’t actually work on any of the white queen round puzzles (i was asleep at the relevant hours).

  4. Dave Taube says:

    Does Medusa’s Lair have a meta?

  5. Andrew says:

    Semi-dupe at 6A and 36D. Nice puzzle regardless.

  6. jefe says:

    I didn’t know the cockroach had a name! *does research* Seems like it’s just a filmmakers’ nickname. I don’t think it could have been used in the movie.

  7. tmcay says:

    I liked Walk Across Some Dungeons, though it wasn’t a puzzle in the same sense as other Hunt puzzles.

  8. Sackman says:

    One of my favorites so far. And I think I may have solved the meta!!

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