Puzzle #73 – Just a Few More Things

I’m not sure why, but today’s crossword feels like a bit of a return to classic form for me. Nothing too fancy; just a simple theme in a 13×13 grid. You’ve got this under control.

In other puzzling news, Matt Gaffney (the genius behind the Weekly Crossword Contest) has announced a new project: “Murder by Meta – A Crossword Puzzle Mystery.” Head over to Kickstarter now to get in on the action! I know it’ll be nothing short of fantastic!

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6 Responses to Puzzle #73 – Just a Few More Things

  1. Jeff G. says:

    Love the classic form. P.S. 42 across was hysterical!

  2. Michael M says:

    I was impressed! Sorry for complaining about the number in there, it works!

  3. mathgrant says:

    Solved in 5:01 with no outside help. All right! I feel so smart!

    I liked 5A’s clue more than I should have. 16A’s clue was nice. 19D’s clue gave me a chuckle. 36D taught me something that I’ll probably immediately forget.

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