Puzzle #69 – Themeless #19

Happy standard time! It’s a slightly smaller puzzle today, but I hope you still find it challenging and worth a solve. Hey, speaking of crosswords that are worth a solve, it’s your last chance to get in on Matt Jones’s No Holds Barred themeless crosswords; time runs out Saturday evening! And if you missed Erik Agard’s puzzle this week, that one’s definitely a worthy quote puzzle. (It takes a lot for me to get excited about a quote puzzle, and I loved this one. Connect the dots.)

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5 Responses to Puzzle #69 – Themeless #19

  1. e.a. says:

    the cluing in this one is on point. especially 1- and 2-down. spectacular.

  2. Pete Rimkus says:

    From someone who prefers Themelesses, this is probably your best!

  3. Fantastic puzzle! Your crosswords provide so much fun; it really makes me want to return the favor.

  4. jefe says:

    Upper left was a doozy! I thought 1D would be a brand of peanut butter.

    • Jeff G. says:

      Agree about the peanut butter. First thing that popped into my head was Skippy. Lots of funny clues, but 8d – Numbers yet to be cooked was especially good. Lots of fun Neville!

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