Puzzle #64 – West Side Soundtrack

This puzzle was almost a contest, but then I figured it would be too easy. Would you enjoy another contest? (It’s been a while!) And if so, do you want it tricky?

And don’t forget to check out Matt Jones’s new project: No Holds Barred Crosswords. Great themelesses will abound!

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5 Responses to Puzzle #64 – West Side Soundtrack

  1. Amy P says:

    Yes! Somewhere around a Gaffney week two…

  2. Doug P says:

    A Gaffney Week 2 sounds perfect, even though I was stumped for a few hours on today’s Week 1!

  3. Jeff G. says:

    I’m always up for a contest! How about a Week 3 MGWCC level – on a 5 Friday month :-)

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