Puzzle #59 – Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Back from holiday, and class is back in session. If you’re back in school, I feel ya. My 8 AM students really feel ya! Not gonna lie, this is the perfect puzzle to share with your buds on Twitter. You know why.

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7 Responses to Puzzle #59 – Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  1. jefe says:

    Great puzzle! I wish the puz accepted # as correct in squares 20, 42, and 61 – it works in 37..

    • Neville says:

      Thanks! I tried and tried to make it accept the #, but doing so fouled up the clue/answer pairs in the puz file. No idea why!

      • jefe says:

        Is it possible to set squares to accept different letters? Since AL reads # as H, if you could set those squares to accept H as correct, # should work.

      • Neville says:

        You know, I never even considered that it accepted it as a letter; I was trying to have it accept it as a symbol alone.

        Of course, anyone who tried writing out the words in each box would then be counted wrong. I guess what I’m saying here is that puz is hardly a perfect format. :)

      • jefe says:

        Right, but is there a way for it to accept, say, both H and P(ound) as correct in that one square? I don’t know the limitations of the software.

        Incidentally, did you know the hash (#) is distinct from the sharp (♯)? The former has true horizontal lines and slanted vertical lines, whereas the latter has true vertical lines and slanted horizontal lines.

      • Neville says:

        No, it won’t accept two different answers for a single square.

        Aha! I’ve been waiting for that! Yes, the number sign is distinct from the sharp used in music, but it’s the same as the sharp used in the name of the programming language C#, as Microsoft is two lazy to have programmers use the proper musical sharp. Technicality!

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