Puzzle #57 – Themeless #16

Six of this puzzle’s entries were selected by Kickstarter backers, and they’re placed symmetrically. Can you guess which ones they are? And can you finish this Nevillishly tricky puzzle? (Uh-oh! I’ve started to make puns based on my name. This can’t be good.)

I happened to write yesterday’s LA Times crossword! As always, you can solve it here (PUZ, PDF) if you’re so inclined. (Mind the circles!)

Finally, I’m taking a bit of a holiday this week and next. Puzzles will run as usual, but I may be slow responding to your comments. My apologies in advance!

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7 Responses to Puzzle #57 – Themeless #16

  1. Andy says:

    the neville is in the details with this one

    [escorts self out]

  2. Andrew says:

    This was in fact impossible without assistance. I’m going to need a lot of help figuring out the meta.

  3. jefe says:

    4 and 34, 11 and 37, 20 and 58? Possibly 2 and 50.
    Truly an unforgiving puzzle.

  4. Jeff G. says:

    Killer puzzle this week! I take it you wanted to keep us busy scratching our heads all week – hah. Liked the spongeworthy Seinfeld clue and the NCIS / JAG clue. Enjoy the holiday! Oh, also really enjoyed the LAT puzzle, nicely done.

  5. bananarchy says:

    That themeless is gonna leave a bruise.

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