Puzzle #56 – Triple Treat

Tournament super alert! Lollapuzzoola 6 is happening this weekend! Remember: if you’re not in the NYC area, you can still join in the fun by competing in the Solve At Home division! (That’s where all the cool kids are.)

Themeless next week with more Kickstarter entries. You know how it goes. Enjoy this week’s puzzle and share it with that weird guy from work.

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5 Responses to Puzzle #56 – Triple Treat

  1. e.a. says:

    that’s an extra-mile theme. well done.

  2. Andrew says:

    Who has two thumbs and loves today’s puzzle? This guy.

  3. bananarchy says:

    Tight. Did this week’s and last week’s back-to-back, so I dug the Seoul Train callback.

  4. Jeff G. says:

    Loved the Triple Treat! Favorite was 19a – nautical or country unit. Very clever!

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