Puzzle #51 – Themeless #14

Hey there. This is the first puzzle featuring Kickstarter backer-suggested entries! There are three in this puzzle: 1-Across, 13-Down and 30-Across. There were originally going to be six such entries in this puzzle, but… well y’all gave me plenty of Q’s and Z’s to work with. Let’s just put it that way for now. More Solver Suggestions coming soon!

Here’s a little déjà vu just for you:

If you missed my puzzlefest Kickstarter, never fear! There’s a new shop section of this site.  (See? There’s a link up there next to the FAQ!) You can read all about “The Games People Play” and order it there. What are you waiting for?

A new app called “Words with Crosses” has been released! If you’ve got an Android device, give it a download. You should be able to play crosswords from this site automatically on it, as well as a bunch of other great puzzles.

Erik’s got another contest up this week. I’ve entered; have you? (Seriously. This is a new contest. Two weeks in a row! But this time I haven’t figured it out yet.)

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4 Responses to Puzzle #51 – Themeless #14

  1. e.a. says:

    51a. amazing. (a lot of other good stuff here too. 1a is how you kick off a puzzle)

  2. buckeye bob says:

    Excellent puzzle. A good challenge for me, even though posted in Moderate. Didn’t know 30A patron saint of Glasgow. Had MUN_O. Didn’t know 13D ejaculation seen in memes. Had ERMAH_ERD. A natick? At the end, guessed at G just because of Mungo Jerry! Then came here to check my work, and then googled both to understand them. A good learning experience again!

  3. Andy says:

    Just some fantastic clues in this one. 32D is a fantastic entry–had no idea it existed. And, of course, I’m extremely satisfied with how my backer-suggested entry was used.

  4. Doug P says:


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