Puzzle #50 – Do the Wide Thing

The shoe is on the other foot.

Milestone! Fifty puzzles! What’s been your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments! We’re closing in on the end of a full year of crosswords. Sheesh, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, does it?

If you missed my puzzlefest Kickstarter, never fear! There’s a new shop section of this site.  (See? There’s a link up there next to the FAQ!) You can read all about “The Games People Play” and order it there. What are you waiting for?

A new app called “Words with Crosses” has been released! If you’ve got an Android device, give it a download. You should be able to play crosswords from this site automatically on it, as well as a bunch of other great puzzles.

Erik’s got another contest up this week. I’ve entered; have you?

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6 Responses to Puzzle #50 – Do the Wide Thing

  1. e.a. says:

    #11 is my favorite so far. but. there’s a lot.

  2. Jeff G. says:

    Hey Neville, congrats on 50! The March Madness puzzle was one of my favorites. I just started this week’s puzzle and can’t stop laughing at 4d :-)

    • Jeff G. says:

      Sorry, I meant 5 down… Too early in the morning.

      • Andy says:

        A+ for 5d. Ashamed at how quickly 1a came to me. And I have to agree with Erik: Puzzle #11 was what leapt to mind, but it’s been a pretty great year of puzzles.

  3. buckeyebob says:

    Another good exercise. I look forward to Fridays. Thank you. One wrong answer through my carelessness. I got 67A through perps but didn’t understand it until I googled the answer. There’s a generation gap!

  4. Andy says:

    Oh, wait! The best puzzle was totally that guest puzzle you ran in November! #shameless

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