Puzzle #43 – Power Play

Enjoy the puzzle, and a happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

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6 Responses to Puzzle #43 – Power Play

  1. e.a. says:

    nice subtle theme. also, the clues for 35A/30D were awesome.

  2. brucery says:

    I especially liked the clues for 36D, 39D, and 52D. :)

  3. Andy says:

    Very nice puzzle as always, Neville. Great misdirect on the middle theme answer!

  4. Jeff G. says:

    Learned something new about the oboe and Principal Skinner. Nicely done.

  5. John M. says:

    So I finally did one of your puzzles. Aside from our (apparent) differences of opinion on the appropriate timbre of certain woodwinds, I liked it a lot. Good times.

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