Puzzle #38 – Gone Fishing


First, a big thank you to my 194 Kickstarter backers! I’m working on the puzzlefest right now!

I posted a bonus puzzle on Monday; if you missed it, check it out now.

A pair of excellent crossword solvers (we’re talking ACPT Top 10) sent me messages earlier this week asking about the theme to the bonus puzzle. They both immediately followed up saying that they’d figured it out. (I guess I have that effect on people?) If you think you missed the theme (or just want some more info), highlight the blank space below with your mouse. Yup: spoilers!

Most solvers realized that my puzzle, Repairmen, went hand in hand with Erik Agard’s puzzle, Impaired Judgment. The puzzles had the same grid shapes, which made out theme entries line up. So my puzzle held the clues for his theme entries, and his held mine. So what were the themes? Well, Erik’s puzzle was called Impaired Judgment for a few reasons. First, it was saying I’m paired with another puzzle. And impaired judgment was what we we had when coming up with this idea; it was pretty crazy. Most importantly, each theme entry contained a pair of IM bigrams, like JIMMY KIMMEL. So that’s IM-paired.

After learning what his theme was, I wanted to try a variation on it with Repairmen. Clearly the clue-switching means a repair job is necessary. But again, the theme entries contain pairs of bigrams; this time it’s RE. Since each theme entry is a man, we get RE-pair-men, like TRENT REZNOR.

We had a few ideas about how many clues to swap, but we figured this would be both the most fair and the most fun. We hope you enjoyed our little April Fools puzzle!

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6 Responses to Puzzle #38 – Gone Fishing

  1. e.a. says:

    that is some timely cluing on 42 across

  2. brucery says:

    Fun puzzle this morning — pretty easy, but I think that’s all my brain was capable of today. :)

  3. Lauren S says:

    I did it! I especially liked 39 across.

  4. bananarchy says:

    Some great cluing in here. 20, 39, and 45-Across are genius.

  5. Andy says:

    My favorite parts of the puzzle were obviously the cross-reference Cathy clues.

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