Bonus Puzzle #1 – Repairmen

Hey! Erik Agard’s got a new puzzle out today, too! Check it out!

Can we fix it?

Today is the last day of my Kickstarter project! Share the link:

Also: Happy March 32nd!

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8 Responses to Bonus Puzzle #1 – Repairmen

  1. Ron walko says:

    Erik had me fooled

  2. brucery says:

    LOL! I was so confused…

  3. Sam Levitin says:


  4. Jeff G. says:

    Very clever and great teamwork. Made my day!

  5. Josh Bischof says:

    Well played, constructors, well played.

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  7. Jim Schooler says:

    Nice collaboration Neville and Eric! Appropriately, I didn’t get it until April 1.

  8. it is a known fact that baby skin is very delicate despite it’s very smooth and soft appearance-

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