Puzzle #37 – Out Like a Lamb

Chop chop.

We have gotten so much snow this month it’s not even funny. March has been a cold, cold mistress. You’d better step up to the plate, April.

It’s the last weekend to get in on my puzzlefest! The Kickstarter ends on Monday, so act fast. Most of the puzzles are finished, so we’ll be entering the test-solving phase soon. Get excited!

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6 Responses to Puzzle #37 – Out Like a Lamb

  1. e.a. says:

    fantastic theme. and i couldn’t agree more re: the weather.

  2. brucery says:

    Fun puzzle! 8:40 for me on Across Lite (started slow, but finally got it…).
    Liked both 39 clues and 1A (so many possible answers…).

  3. brucesutphin says:

    Had to go back to look at theme. Nice one! Sounds like you are cooking along on your puzzlefest puzzles. Looking forward to it.

  4. bananarchy says:

    Nice tidy theme, lots of fun. Looking forward to the puzzlefest puzzles, and to being able to see the ground again sometime in August maybe (over 2 meters of snowfall and counting up in SK!)

  5. Andy says:

    Breezy solve for me: 3:25 on Across Lite. Great theme, and as a bonus, you reminded me about Sheep in the Big City! I remember thinking that General Specific and Private Public were so clever when I was 12!

  6. Jeff G. says:

    Enjoyed the puzzle and loved the theme. Especially liked 39-a “big name in pets”. Shot myself in the foot on 4-d, was thinking Designing Women instead of Woman. Looking forward to Puzzlefest. Thanks!

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