Puzzle #31 – Hearts

I awesomesauce you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, I know I’m a day late. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a special Valentine’s Day crossword today, though. We’ve got a 14-square wide grid and a few love-based clues, so settle into a puzzle with your sweetheart.

Lots of news to talk about today. Last week’s cryptic was pretty darned popular (thanks in no small part to some promotion from BEQ). If you enjoyed it, I’ve got some good news: that won’t be my last cryptic. But there’s even better news: puzzlemaster Patrick Berry (ed. of the Chronicle of Higher Education crossword and frequent variety puzzle contributor to the Wall Street Journal) is Kickstarting a collection of cryptic puzzles.

Cryptics not your thing? Hey, here’s something for you: American Red Crosswords. It’s a collection of twenty-four crosswords that’s been dedicated to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. It’s yours for free at the link above – but please consider making donation to  the Red Cross’s disaster relief fund (link is on the ARC site). Crossword blogger Michael Sharp (AKA Rex Parker) conceived this idea a few months ago, and I’m proud to say that I contributed a nice straightforward puzzle to the set. Great constructors and great puzzles in this set. Check it out.

Last thing. Friend of the site Erik “e.a.” Agard (AKA Ovaltine Jenkins) has outdone himself with his latest puzzle, Crowd Pleaser. I’m quite partial to 35-Across. No reason you shouldn’t solve this puzzle.

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6 Responses to Puzzle #31 – Hearts

  1. Norm says:

    Nice. Not sure 53D is really accurate. Maybe “the unattached” don’t need to worry, but “singles” sure as heck had better be [have been] careful. Clue for 25A repeats part of answer for 4D, unless the plural allows you an exemption from that convention. Did not get the theme until 42A, since 16A had me looking for 1st/2nd word phrase joining 2nd/3rd phrase [I hope that makes sense] for an overall humorous answer. Don’t know if that was intentional but I enjoyed the “aha” moment when it finally came.

  2. e.a. says:

    the theme entries are AMAZING and there’s another thing in this grid that i really like too

  3. brucery says:

    Glad I live in WA State (helped with 7A and 60A). :)

  4. Todd G says:

    Sorry I’m late in solving your late puzzle, really enjoyed it! Maybe living in NV helped me with the theme?

  5. Jeff G. says:

    Your clue in the Crowd Pleaser video puzzle had me laughing out loud! Hysterical. What the heck were you eating anyways? potatoes?

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