Puzzle #22 – White Christmas

For reasons which will become apparent later, I recommend printing this puzzle out.

"But Dorothy, I love Christmas and I love giving presents at Christmas. Besides, if we draw names out of a hat, whose names are they going to be?"

Last week I promised you some exciting news. No, it’s not that today’s puzzle is Sunday-sized (though you may appreciate that). It’s that I wrote tomorrow’s LA Times crossword! Here’s your link: (PDF, PUZ). It’s themeless; if you’re looking for another fun themeless, I’d recommend this one. Stay tuned for a second LAT puzzle at the end of the month.

In other news, there’s another super puzzle pack going around, and this one’s by Andrew Ries. You know, the sort with meta-answers and a big contest? It’ll drop in January. You’re  likely asking yourself, “Self, when is Neville going to write one of these?” All in good time, dear solver. All in good time.

Okay, spoiler time. This is my first effort at the type of visual element in this puzzle. I hope it’s clear enough for you to make out! I realize that the rest of the thematic material was a bit sparse for a 21x grid, but fitting in all of those other letters in the right order was a taxing task. I’m looking forward to the comments on this one.

And yes, I know it’s early for the Christmas crossword. Never fear, puzzles will continue through the holiday season; there’s just a lot to hit between now and the end of the year. And don’t forget to share the puzzle!

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