Puzzle #18 – Themeless #5

Did you enjoy Andy’s guest puzzle on Tuesday? I sure hope so! I hope to run more guest puzzles in the future; I’ll keep you posted.

Since I won’t be posting between now and then: Happy Thanksgiving! My gift to you is not using the double 15-letter combo of “It’s Thanksgiving” – Nicole Westbrook in this puzzle. (Click that link at your own risk. It’s safe for work, but not for your sanity. You will hate it so much.) Share the puzzle and eat all of the cranberry sauce!

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5 Responses to Puzzle #18 – Themeless #5

  1. e.a. says:

    a. 13-D – spoiler alert – is a textbook example of “how death can sometimes be hilarious and awesome.” favorite entry in the puzzle.
    b. 66-A clue is fantastic
    c. crossing in square 55 got me. i don’t know movies
    d. i only just noticed that your pictures have scroll over text, and it is amazing.

    • Neville says:

      I went back and forth on changing the clue for 55d. In the end, I figured if you got everything else, you could start at A and soon enough reach the letter that made the most sense going down, and it doesn’t not* make sense going across. Were you able to guess the right one, or did you give something else a go?

      *Intentional double negative!

      • e.a. says:

        i just used the tried and true “type every letter until i see mr. happy pencil” method that i’ve come to love so much over the years. and hey, i don’t see it as a blind crossing, more as me learning two things i never knew before, so thank you.

    • Andy says:

      Had the same problem, but for a different letter. Mr. Happy Pencil to the rescue again!

  2. Dave says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Andy’s guest puzzle. Thanks for posting it and Happy Thanksgiving!

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