Puzzle #17 – Family TV Show Finales

First, if you missed my LA Times crossword on Tuesday, get at it here: (PDFPUZ)

Remember last week’s “Election Projection” puzzle? Well, between Facebook and Twitter, as well as conversations I overheard on Wednesday and Thursday, I think I’ve confirmed that I called it! Nate Silver’s got nothing on me.

My friend Andrew Ries has a new book out – Texas Crosswords. I had the privilege of test solving these puzzles, and as a Texan by birth I can say that this book’s a winner. Grab a copy.

Reminder: These puzzles are titled for a reason. That should help you figure out this crossword’s theme (if it doesn’t jump out at you right away). Don’t forget to share it!

Stay tuned: We’ve got a guest puzzle coming up on Tuesday! Get pumped.

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7 Responses to Puzzle #17 – Family TV Show Finales

  1. e.a. says:

    clever as hell. definitely needed the title to figure it out, but genius when i did.

  2. bananarchy says:

    This theme is a beaut. Tight execution, to boot.

  3. Doug P says:

    Great theme, Neville!

  4. Andy says:

    Loved it!

  5. Dave says:

    It’s all in the theme.

  6. Nice theme, Neville! If this were the UK, you could have used SMALLFORTUNES or some such, but otherwise I can’t think of any other examples that work.

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