Puzzle #14 – Streets Ahead

If you're not streets ahead, you're streets behind.

Special note for new solvers: You can download & print the.pdf file of this puzzle as you would any .pdf file. To solve on your computer, you’ll need a program that can open .puz files. You can use Across Lite (that’s the program I use) or Crossword Solver. Both are available for Windows and Mac, and both are free. If you have an Internet Pad (or as most people call it, an iPad), try Across Lite Crosswords; Android users should try Shortyz Crosswords. (My understanding is that both of these apps are free; I haven’t tried either since my phone is from 1996 and we listen to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls all the time and think that the kid from Jerry Maguire is going to be a big star some day. But I digress.)

I haven’t seen Argo, but I hear it’s really good. I ran across this Vanity Fair article (a small bit of NSFW language), though, and got a good chuckle for what Bryan Cranston’s pulled on Ben Affleck, crossword-wise. Try that out on your friends! But today’s puzzle is no Friday NYT puzzle, at least in terms of difficulty.

If you’re confused by this puzzle’s theme, this video that contains puzzler spoilers! should help explain it. Don’t forget to share the puzzle (tweeting it!).

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3 Responses to Puzzle #14 – Streets Ahead

  1. Katherine says:

    If you have to ask, you’re streets behind.
    (Disclaimer: I’m saving the puzzle for when Sackman comes for lunch, so I haven’t solved it yet.)

  2. e.a. says:

    i guess i’m not as big of a diehard as i thought – completely forgot about the middle entry. great puzzle. jampacked.

  3. Norm says:

    Yawn. Never saw show, so this was just a bunch of names. “Magnitude” was really the name of a character? And “Urbana-Champaign” too? Interesting. Not really. A lot of fresh fill, so that was nice. The theme? Not my cup of 59D. I think I’ll go imbibe some 53A. The sun must be under the yardarm somewhere.

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