Puzzle #10 – American Cuisine

Paula Deen

Last week I promised you a bonus – here it is! I’ve written today’s Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle. Give it a solve, will ya? (PDF, PUZ) I did a little interview with C.C. Burnikel (an awesome constructor in her own right!) over at her site, Crossword Corner, where she and a dedicated team discuss each day’s LAT puzzle.  Go for the interview, stay for the cruciverbal discussion.

This puzzle may be on the lighter side compared to my usual fare on the site. I’m tentatively putting it in a new difficulty class that I’m calling straightforward; we’ll see if I’ve judged this one correctly!

One more note: my friend Parker Lewis (no, not that one) tells me that there’s a new Puzzazz app for recent versions of Apple iThings. I wish I could try it myself, but I got my iPod when I was a freshman in college, so it just plays music. (The nerve!) But if you’ve got one of those “wheel-less iPods,” an “Apple phone” or an “Internet pad,” give it a go! The free app comes with some puzzles, but the idea works like a bookstore – you can buy packs of crosswords (and other puzzles) from particular constructors, like Parker, Victor Fleming, Ian Livengood and of course the inimitable Brendan Emmett Quigley. With names like those attached to the project, I know they’ve got to be doing quality work. They’ve got both your standard crosswords as well as cryptics. Most attractive is their patented “write the letter on the screen with your finger because keyboards are so 2008” system for solving. (They call it “TouchWrite,” but I’m kind of partial to my name.) There you have it – shameless plug for the new Puzzazz app, over and out.

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8 Responses to Puzzle #10 – American Cuisine

  1. e.a. says:

    if i didn’t know any better i’d think i just solved a newsday puzzle. so damn clean.

  2. Jordan says:

    Good LAT puzzle. Their puzzles have not had a lot of flow most of this year, but this one does.

  3. Norm says:

    This one was very straightforward indeed. Kind of bland even — like much American food? The LA Times was very, very good. I like it when the revealer is toward the end, since I like to try to figure out the trick for myself and too many puzzles become a “fill in the blanks” exercise when the revealer comes early. Here, you initially had me thinking homophones at 25A, since I had a synonym for the second word (trying to be deliberately vague so I don’t spoil the puzzle for those who come here first), but I couldn’t fit 17A into that mold. I actually needed the revealer to persuade me to go back and put in the letter I’d taken out at the bottom of 26D — and 42A was a definite winner. Very good puzzle indeed. Congrats!

  4. Andy K. says:

    Nice puzzle as always, Neville!

  5. 55A brings back memories… :)

  6. Leo Stein says:

    68A is wrong, or at least not the intended use of a soldering iron.

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