Puzzle #3 – Themeless #1

Have you caught Olympic Fever yet? Yes? Good. No Olympic-themed puzzle today, though. (Okay, maybe a clue or two just to see if you’ve been paying attention.) We’re freewheeling it today.

How about this controversy with NBC spoiling the results for some events by withholding them for primetime airing but still talking about the results? (Among other transgressions, of course. Ryan Seacrest, what are you doing?) I’m trying to have these puzzles be relatable for some time beyond original publication, so #NBCfail isn’t in this grid. But who knows? Maybe they’ll try to move Jay Leno to 10 Eastern again. This could easily be a recurring hashtag, based on what I’ve seen as far as fall promos go.

In the world of crossword competition, best of luck to Lollapuzzoola 5 competitors tomorrow – I’m playing in the “highly competitive” Solve at Home Division. Join me, perhaps? A big thank you in advance goes out to Angela “PuzzleGirl” Halsted for bringing a stack of copies of this puzzle to LP5 as a freebie giveaway. She’s very awesome. Don’t forget to share the puzzle yourself.

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6 Responses to Puzzle #3 – Themeless #1

  1. This one took me about 25 minutes, but I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the Gladys Kravitz clue; it was perfect. The upper right quadrant was the easiest for me, while the upper left was the hardest…I was led astray, which I’m sure was the whole point!

  2. Norm says:

    Too many names, movies, songs, television shows for my taste, but you did warn us that you were a pop culture kind of guy. That said, it was an entertaining 11+ minutes, and I liked a lot of the clues — “Kent has two of them” in particular. But, there’s only one proper answer to your clue for 64A, and that’s DUANE [Grab some pine, meat!] KUIPER.

    • Neville says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Norm. Don’t worry – I don’t think I could write a poppier puzzle than this, and I’m not planning on trying to, either! I’m trying to keep it snappy with clues, so I’m glad that worked out for you.

      We’ll see about getting Duane Kuiper in the puzzle one of these days, though :)

  3. Dave Taube says:

    Since the puzzle is themeless, does that mean there’s no meta? The meta may be obvious, but I haven’t looked at the puzzle yet.

  4. Andrew Feist says:

    Conversely, the NE was the last bit for me — had to look up Gladys Kravitz after the fact and filled in letters in somebody Mulder until Happy Pencil.

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