Puzzle #2 – What a Loss

Last Friday, this site debuted and over 200 people played the inaugural puzzle. It vastly exceeded my expectations – thank you for that, and thanks for coming back for another dose of puzzly goodness. You’ll notice a new solution button up at the top of the post – you can use that to check your answer if you’re playing on a print-out.

Puzzle tournament notice! If you’re in NYC (or nearby) next weekend, I can’t emphasize enough that you should attend Lollapuzzoola 5 – the best crossword tournament in NYC to be held on a Saturday in August. It really is an awesome time, and you’ll meet some really cool people. (I mean, I’ve gone three times – that should tell you how high the bar is.) The constructor list, as always, looks fantastic. Unfortunately the journey from Kentucky to NYC on the heels of giving a final exam is next to impossible (barring Apparition, but they revoked my license), so I’m counting on you to have all of the fun and win all of the prizes for me! I’m looking at you, Laura Radloff.

I have a new favorite thing about running a weekly crossword. Something happens in the news? Boom – it’s in the puzzle. (But always expect the unexpected.) Topicality doesn’t always fly in your major outlets – it can take months or even years for a crossword to go from concept to print. When you distribute your own puzzle, years turn into days and months turn into hours. You can probably guess when I started brainstorming these theme entries. Enjoy the weekend & share the puzzle!

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9 Responses to Puzzle #2 – What a Loss

  1. Andrew Feist says:

    Ooh, pictorial misdirection! Sneaky.

  2. Erik says:


  3. Norm says:

    Thumbs up. That was fun. NW stumped me for a while, since “shock site” was not a term that evoked anything, but high school chemistry (lo, those many years ago) finally rescued me.

  4. Boo…only 4 themers and not 112? Pshaw. (Just kidding — great puzzle!)

  5. Andy K. says:

    Loved it!

  6. Dave says:

    Clever puzzle. I’ve never heard of the answer to 22 across, but I’m sure you used it to fill the grid. I like your clues for 27 across and 39 down.

  7. Elaine says:

    Okay, this is gonna hurt: a 65-year-old got the whole puzzle!
    Seriously, though, I was stuck in a waiting room, and this kept me busy for quite some time. Once I caught on (thanks to your tip) it helped me with all the places where I was stuck. Very enjoyable.

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