Puzzle #98 – I <3 NYC

I was up in New York City this past weekend, and I ran into* Andy Kravis and Erik Agard! What fun!

*planned to meet

ALSO: Lollapuzzoola 7 is rapidly approaching! It’s Saturday, August 9, 10am-5pm at All Souls Church (1157 Lexington Ave., NYC). The entrance fee is $25 if you pre-register, or $30 at the door. There are two skill divisions, a pairs division, free snacks, goofy prizes, nonsense banter and (God willing) no smoke detectors chirping the whole bloody time.

If the live tourney is too far away for you (like it is for me), or the timing is just bad – please try the at-home version of Lollapuzzoola. A PDF of all the puzzles from the day can be yours for a mere $10. (That’s what I’ll be doing!)

For more info, check out http://www.bemoresmarter.com or shoot an email to brian@bemoresmarter.com.

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Puzzle #97 – Cryptic #4

Hey! I’ve been doing this for two years now! That’s pretty cool!

Thanks for your feedback – both public and private – about variety puzzles last week. Got some strong opinions all around. I don’t think you’ve seen the last variety puzzle here. In fact, I’m mixing things up with a cryptic this week. Enjoy!

Edit: 14-Across and 15-Down should both be enumeration (4,5), not (9) as listed.

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Puzzle #96 – Pent Words #1

Sorry, but due to technical limitations, this week’s puzzle is available only in PDF format.

I was introduced to a new type of puzzle in WordPlay Magazine called Pent Words, and I think it’s a fun little crossword variant. The puzzle was invented by Grant Fikes; he runs a neat puzzle blog with plenty of word and logic teasers of all sorts. Here’s one of my first efforts at a Pent Words puzzle; I hope you enjoy it! (Be sure to read the instructions and look at the example if you’ve never done one of these before.)

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to post more variety puzzles (like this one) in the future.

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